Borrow or rob

This illustration was part of a project looking at people within the environment and their interactions. I spent time in Pearson park, Hull sketching and talking to people enjoying being part of this space and community.

It was included in the Critical Fish publication ‘The same forwards as backwards’.


Pen and ink drawing of a woman in a lake reaching toward a goose on the bank. The goose has a sandwich in its beak
Illustration included in Critical Fish Publication 'The Same Forwards as Backwards'
An Image of a yellow booklet with a picture of fish and the numbers 1 and 22
Critical Fish, The Same Forwards as Backwards
A woman in a coat with the quote balance is the perfect state of still water on it balances a goose, cupola and tree on her head
A scene in black, white blue and red of people in a park. At the front a woman puches a push chair next to a toddler. She looks over a pond toward people walking in the park. A man looks up at the sky at a bird. The work is mixed media paint and collage.