Valid for 1 journey

This multidisciplinary, prints, animation and sculpture project was created exploring the concept of liminal space within the train environment. The work considers the throw away in-between moments in our everyday lives. Transient, they become dreamlike and still with a sense of the unreal.

Beginning by sketching people on trains and chatting with them I gathered stories and narratives that were developed into a longer animation.  Each was created from discarded packaging made into prints. 

Each mini story is connected as are these individuals for this moment in time as they go on their journey. 


Hen dos and don’ts

What you looking at?

Aquatint on paper

Through the window

Miles and miles

Some days I am just a vending machine

Tetrapack print on paper


‘Rocks you like a baby’

2 Sugars, late for the 9:10 to Beverley

Sugarlift and aquatint on paper

One for the road

Many of the people I spoke to about their journeys had fond memories of travel. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always holding some importance. To exlore these ideas and give permanence to these narratives I remade the Tetrapack prints back into the carton shapes but this time with clay and aluminium to give them a sense of permanence.


The full animation has been exhibited alongside the 3dimensional work as part of the Flourish awards for printmaking excellence at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Manchester Hot Bed Press and Scunthorpe 20:21 gallery.

I’d love to hear what you think of the project.

You can see the final animation in full here.