Asylum; The Officer

This work was a response to refugee week. A narrative piece in the form of a zine illustrating the process people go through when applying for Asylum in the UK. The work was also produced as a set of postcards created to send to MPs to demonstrate against the current refugee policies in the UK. Proceeds went to the Refugee Council.

The project was selected for publication in the magazine Artists Responding To. You can view the magazine here


A female figure in yellow hijab dressed like Alice in Wonderland looks over the cliff. To the right the same character is falling down the rabbit hole. The caption is a quote reading "My journey was difficult, when I came to the UK. I thought I would find something kind. Something better"
Alice is with the a giant caterpillar, wrapped around her. The caterpillar points at her and asks that she explain herself. Alice replies " I cant for I can't understand it myself" The caption reads "Yes all over again. You'll tell your story five times a week. To just talk about your journey is too much pressure and its like OK I don't want to talk about it but you have to".
The figure of Alice stands at a bus stop. The caption reads "I am nervous, I am waiting for the date of my interview"
The image is of a sand timer, Alice is trapped in a jar inside the sand timer. The Cheshire cat looks on smiling. The caption reads " I was told that my case would be resolved in two weeks. I was in detention for two and a half months. There is no time frame for when it might be resolved, you don't know when you are going to be released."
Alice is falling down the rabbit hole. She looks toward the White Rabbit who holds a flower and watch. The rabbit is dress in uniform with hand cuffs and a baton.
Alice sits at the far end of the table. To the right of the image a man in a top hat pours tea into the mouth of a rabbit in a Union Jack waste coat. They are all sat at a long table laid with a tea party. A mouse is sleeping in a cup. The caption reads "I get £6 a day to live on I want to work, I want to be valued, I want to live\2
Alice stands on a house of cards, a large hand reaches over as it to flick her off. The card reads " Asylum"
Alice looks into the mirror, a white Alice looks back. The text reads Homes for Ukraine. Ukraine is crossed out and replaced with people. Stay in the UK for up to 3 years, work in the UK, access public services, claim benefits.
Article included in magazine Artists Responding To